*Bio Energetic Synchronization Techniques (B.E.S.T.)

At Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, a Plantation chiropractor, Dr David Popkin is trained in a variety of different chiropractic treatments. Over time, the idea of visiting a Plantation chiropractor is to boost the overall well being of the body while also offering manipulation and other adjustment techniques. In order to achieve the very best results, a personalized treatment plan is created and this can be adjusted over time depending on what’s working and what isn’t.

Within the world of chiropractic treatment, there seems to be numerous misconceptions and one of the largest is the fact that all treatment is the same. For some reason, people believe there’s only one technique for treating back issues and, if this doesn’t work, there’s no other solution. In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth.

In this guide, we have everything you need to know regarding Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) and this is a hands-on procedure focused on energy balancing. Without using force, the Plantation chiropractor will attempt to find the full healing potential of the body by using the principles that come with Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.). Later, we’re going to discuss the treatment in more detail but first we have the founding principles that first formed the theory and this should give you an idea of what it attempts to achieve.

Founding Principles

Energy is the Core - When chiropractors in Plantation first start their journey in this field, the first thing they’re likely to learn is that everything relates to energy. Often, we recognize the chemical and biological side of the body and this is well-covered these days. However, not many consider the unseen side; energy.

If, up until this point, you’ve only been accustomed to conventional medicine, the word ‘energy’ might throw you off-guard a little. In truth, the majority of people who first visit us for B.E.S.T have no idea of how to be sensitive to energy. After the first treatment, they often worry they didn't ‘feel’ anything and this is because they’re expecting a magical feeling to rush over them like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. What they don’t realize as they walk away from the office is that they’ll soon notice the change whether it comes in the next few hours, days, or weeks. Suddenly, all the subtle changes will add up and they’ll be surprised by how great they feel.

If you’re still wondering what we mean by the word ‘energy’, it starts with an atom. With the advancements we’ve seen in technology over the years, we’ve been allowed to learn about the vast empty space inside atoms. With each air molecule made up of several atoms, they also have empty spaces between the electrons and nucleons. In between all these empty spaces, this is where the field of energy travels.

Whenever something happens in our body, it’s already happened in our energy body and there’s constant communication occurring between the physical body and the energy field. With this energy field, we find the template and reasoning for all physical conditions and this allows for the basis of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique.

Healing Properties in the Body - Secondly, the next principle is realizing the wisdom of the body from deep within; if possible, and with no obstacles in the way, the body will always know how to heal itself after physical injuries. As you may know, our cells change every single minute and they go through a process of repair and regeneration. Not only do we regenerate our own skin every seven days, a cut will heal and completely disappear within two weeks at most; it takes around seven years for every cell in the skeleton to be replaced. In fact, having a quarter of a liver will slowly regenerate into a whole new liver if given the right conditions.

As you can see, the body is powerful and it always knows what to do without conscious thought or input from ourselves. However, the problems arise when something is stopping it from doing its job. For example, a certain trauma that was never resolved will keep the mind in that specific timeline and it creates stress while preventing the body from entering the usual cycle of healing.

With B.E.S.T, the idea is to almost update all the information in your mind. After the timing has been knocked off by a trauma, all sorts of systems are out of sync including structure, digestion, function, and overall energy levels. With time issues present, the body responds to past memories as opposed to what it’s feeling at any given moment. In order to fix this, the technique can reset the body and mind and synchronize just as the name suggests.

With these two key principles in mind, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique has been allowed to develop over the years while also optimizing wherever necessary. With Plantation chiropractors, not all are trained in this area so it’s important you perform research and ask questions before you get started. With Dr Popkin, you have somebody with experience so feel free to get in contact today at 954-370-9000.

Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

As we know, the idea of this process is to realign the body and mind so the natural healing properties of our bodies kick into action as they once did. When interference occurs in the conscious mind, imbalances occur within the autonomic nervous system and this is where the lack of energy originates. Over time, our vital organs become exhausted and our health pays the price. However, you might be wondering how this treatment works? Ultimately, there are two different types of treatment.

Face Down/Physical B.E.S.T - Firstly, we have the physical aspect and this applies light pressure to the surface of the body to get to work on the sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances. When problems occur in the spine’s intrinsic muscles, this could be a subluxation, muscle spasm, or even a pinched nerve. With the imbalance that occurs, this brings various symptoms as well as overall loss of function and discomfort.

As mentioned previously, this is a non-forceful technique and it allows a method of updating patterns of discomfort and stress which have been making the chronic conditions and acute pain even worse. When you visit chiropractors in Plantation, you’ll be in the face-down position and the professional is likely to go through a process of palpating the spinal muscles, leg balancing checks, and holding various pressure points within the spine, skull, and sacrum.

As soon as the pattern has been restored after the muscles have been balanced, there should be a significant reduction in vertebral subluxation, spinal muscle spasm, and nerve pressure. Depending on the circumstances and your health history, you might find some form of immediate relief from the symptoms or it might take a little longer. Overall, this painless approach to your wellness allows the body to get back into a position where it can actively heal itself once again. By removing the interference and balancing the energy, we rediscover our power.

Face Up/Emotional B.E.S.T - After the physical aspect of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, there’s also an emotional side which uses advanced technology to update the interference in the brain. In our memory patterns, it’s quite easy to let the negative emotions take control and this includes guilt, worry, fear, and judgement. When this is allowed to happen, interference becomes normal and we can’t ever reach full health and wellness.

With the interference combining with conscious thought to create the patterns, our body is restricted in its ability to heal itself. Therefore, a form of emotional B.E.S.T will start by identifying the emotional pattern before then removing the interference and working in tandem with your body to heal existing problems rather than looking back and working on a delay.

B.E.S.T and Depression - According to several health organizations in the US, depression and chronic pain have a very harmful and dangerous relationship. In fact, the leading mental state associated with chronic pain is now depression and up to 80% of people suffering with chronic pain are experiencing some degree of depression too.

With chronic pain, this could be the usual back ache, trauma, arthritis, neck pain, constant headaches, and more. With depression, it tends to impact people in very different ways but the key symptoms include an overall and overwhelming feeling of sadness, lack of concentration, no interest in activities previously enjoyed, rapid changes in weight, a lack of sleep, lack of appetite, restlessness, constant feeling of being tired, feeling of guilt or worthlessness, and general hopelessness.

Unfortunately, the relationship between chronic pain and depression is a negative spiral where they both affect each other in a negative way. When one gets worse, it has a knock-on effect to the other, which comes back around to affect the first, and so on. For example, pain can make it difficult to sleep, this drains all energy from the body, removes appetite, prevents sleep, increases pain, etc.

Recently, this relationship was actually tested at the Parker Chiropractic College and it was found that B.E.S.T had an effectiveness rating of over 80% when used as treatment for chronic pain clients who had already failed in medical and standard chiropractic care. When you add depression to this equation, the success percentage was just as impressive and this shows the diversity Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique has to offer.

B.E.S.T and Anxiety - With mental health being a key topic of conversation in recent times, it’s not just depression that causes issues because anxiety can be damaging too. Affecting people in different levels of severity, anxiety is directly linked to the stress in our lives and some are more vulnerable when compared to others. Over time, we learn to manage the anxiety but it often becomes worse with negative self-talk because we get into the habit of always thinking the worst and expecting the worst.

Benefits of Choosing Bio Energetic Help

By nature, the body is electromagnetic and this means we’re affected by magnetic fields as well as electrical fields. With bio energetic work, the idea is to target one or perhaps even both of these types of energy for healing. As we’ve already seen, everything is done by hand which means there’s no need for instruments and only light pressure is used. Over time, the mind is trained to deal with the interference and use energetic bandwidths and breathing exercises to destroy the interference completely. Below, we’ve listed the many benefits to choosing this solution!

Natural Balancing - With Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, a natural balance is created between the subconscious and conscious sections of the central nervous system. When looking to improve nerve function, communication, and a natural balance between the two, B.E.S.T is one of the most efficient ways of achieving this.

Cause v Symptoms - Nowadays, we seem to have settled into the idea of always addressing the symptoms. With medication, the majority have been created to reduce the pain or reduce the symptoms in some other way. For chiropractors in Plantation, this isn't good enough because we find it more important to deal with the root cause (i.e. the PROBLEM). By treating the actual problem, the symptoms take care of themselves because there’s nothing to cause them any longer.

No Force - Whenever the topic of conversation moves onto chiropractors, there seems to be an image of forceful treatment but this isn't a fair reflection on the many treatments that are available under this umbrella. Although there certainly are some more force-led treatments, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique is gentle, it doesn’t use force, and you shouldn't feel pain either during the treatment or in the days afterwards. Rather than instantly signing you off work, dosing you up with medication, and having you in the operating theater within record time, this gentle solution bypasses what has become the ‘norm’ and gets to work on fixing the issue with natural methods.

Improves Overall Wellbeing - By working with and correcting the function of the nervous system, you’re not only fixing the problem at hand but also various other emotional, mental, and physical health conditions. Even those that haven't yet become symptomatic, you’re preventing the issue and ensuring it doesn’t come to light and this is the benefit of working on overall wellbeing.

No Drugs or Surgery - At Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, we believe the world turns to drugs and surgery far too early. Of course, there will be occasions where surgery is necessary and this is true for serious injuries such as leg breaks and fractures. However, we think there are better solutions than turning to medication every time something goes wrong. As a species, we’re steadily becoming immune/tolerant to painkillers and other medicines of this type because we take them so frequently and this is extremely dangerous.

When you visit a Plantation chiropractor, you receive a treatment plan that’s completely natural regardless of the problem you’re experiencing. With this, you don’t have to worry about surgery, medication, or the many side effects that come with medication. Often, the side effects of medication is a topic that’s left unspoken but they can be more problematic than the symptoms of the health problem itself. Thanks to superb chiropractic services, you don’t have to just accept these side effects any longer.

Improved Mental State - With the emotion side of the treatment, you’ll go through plenty of breathing exercises as well as maintaining your mental focus. While helping with your health problems, many also note how they lead a more self-empowered life after going through the experience. With a heightened awareness, there’s an opportunity to take control of your life and achieve dreams you never thought possible.

No Downtime - Finally, we should also mention the fact that Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique requires very little downtime. If you go down the route of surgery, you could be out of action for a number of weeks. If you have young children, this means you need to rely on others or even pay the heavy nursery fees (and all this while not working). Depending on your employer, you might receive a percentage of your salary but very rarely is this enough to get by and many people feel forced back into work. As we all know, putting the body under too much stress too soon can be problematic.

While on this note, surgery might not have treated the REAL root cause either which means there’s a chance of the injury coming back in the future.

Why Choose Plantation's Quantum Medical and Wellness Center?

Before we head into the benefits of choosing Plantation chiropractor Dr Popkin and the wonderful team at Quantum, we should first say that Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique works. In the study we mentioned previously, at Parker College, all patients had previously attempted other forms of medical care only to fail to see any difference in their health. If a 15% improvement was seen, it would be deemed as ‘clinically significant’.

After utilizing B.E.S.T, the improvement was measured at 85% and it shook the world of self-care. As well as seeing improvement in the main areas they were experiencing pain, they also managed to reduce the effects of depression, reduce emotional stress levels, and increase overall well-being. For us, this is all we need to keep believing in the technique because we can couple it with our own experience of helping thousands of people over the years.

If you’re wondering why you should call 954-370-9000 (or visit a 33324 chiropractor in Plantation) specifically, we believe we offer the very best chiropractic service around. At all times, our focus will be on you and creating a personalized treatment plan so your health can improve in the coming weeks and months. Currently, Dr Popkin has an Elite Diplomate certification which means he has extensive training in B.E.S.T as well as exposure to the most recent studies. In order to obtain this qualification, he had to pass a practical and written examination and this suggests the level of care you’ll be receiving after choosing Quantum Medical and Wellness Center.

When you visit our Plantation chiropractic office, you should soon notice the friendly atmosphere and we’ve been very big on this in recent years because we recognize how stressful and nerve-wracking it can be. Ultimately, all you want is for your injury to disappear and, by choosing us, you’ll be teaming up with a service that wants exactly the same thing. However, we want to take it one step further and allow you to live free from any physical injuries for as long as possible and we do this by promoting a boost to overall well-being.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, please feel free to get in contact and you’ll reach one of our experts. As well as answering questions regarding the treatment itself, we can also guide you through the process and discuss how you can get started!

* Results may vary from patient to patient

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    Austin is 8 years of age. He was diagnosed as attention deficit and hyperactive. A few weeks ago Austin began NAET. He had 8 basic treatments so far. He behavioral problems and temper tantrums have reduced greatly. He is more focused. Thank you Dr. Popkin!!"
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