Since 1986, your favorite Plantation chiropractor, Dr David Popkin, and the team at the Plantation Quantum Medical & Wellness Center has been providing the highest level of chiropractic and wellness care in terms of both quality and safety.

Located in Plantation, Florida, in the West Broward county area, we’ve been serving the Plantation FL community for over three decades now and a lot has changed. If you’ve been with us during this time, you’ve probably seen the changes in our beautiful Plantation community. However, through all of this, our aim has remained the same; to provide the best possible Plantation chiropractic care to individuals and families alike.

Dr Popkin (dr of chiropractc) and the chiropractic team are extremely proud to be the leading alternative medicine provider in the Plantation Fl area and we look forward to fulfilling your needs in the years ahead. Of course, we’ll always understand that care and wellness leads to personal choices. Therefore, we simply want to inform you of our superb chiropractic services so you understand how we can help if ever you need assistance.

Just recently, we spoke with a client who said the following; ‘You released my spirit and I finally feel alive again!’. Since we spend our lives trying to make the days and nights of the community that little bit easier, we live for comments like this. With this comment, we hope you see our intentions and that we really just want to see you enjoy life to the fullest for both yourself and your family.

Today, we can accept numerous insurance plans and we can even communicate with your insurance carrier directly to verify coverage so you don’t have to worry about a thing. After getting in contact with us, you can simply tell us your insurance details and we’ll take it from here before then getting back to you with the news; it’s as easy as that!

What if I don’t have insurance? - In truth, this is a question we receive often because most think our chiropractic services will be too expensive to even consider with no insurance but this simply isn't the case. Sure, you might see extortionate pricing in other chiropractic offices in the Plantation FL area but we don’t believe this is necessary. As we’ve said, our Plantation chiropractic and wellness services have been created for you as opposed to our pockets.

Over the years, we’ve developed chiropractic and wellness affordable rates which will allow you access to our amazing Plantation chiropractic and wellness care for all the family. What’s more, we also have flexible payment plans which means you pay on your own terms. Rather than being forced onto a plan you can’t afford, we communicate and create a plan that suits us both.

Furthermore, discounts are available for low-income families, military personnel, disabled individuals, and even students and families based in Plantation. If you need more information regarding Plantation chiropractic discounts and how it applies with our Plantation chiropractic and wellness services, feel free to phone our number today and you can get in touch with one of our experts: 954-370-1900 

Why Choose Us? - If you’ve already done some research on chiropractors in Plantation FL, you’ll know that there are other services available which leads to an important question; why should I choose you?

Firstly, we understand your needs and have been serving the Plantation chiropractic community for over 30 years. Through the years, we’ve seen how your habits have led to back, neck, and shoulder issues. Rather than dealing with it through drugs and surgery, you want a natural remedy and we understand this.

Secondly, we offer an affordable solution to those who aren't covered by insurance. This, coupled with a flexible payment plan, means you can enjoy the benefits of our Plantation FL chiropractic care without worrying about building debt for your future.

If you need any more information or have questions, we’d love to hear from you today! 954-370-1900 

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  • "With Just 8 N.A.E.T. Treatments We Can See The Difference!!

    Austin is 8 years of age. He was diagnosed as attention deficit and hyperactive. A few weeks ago Austin began NAET. He had 8 basic treatments so far. He behavioral problems and temper tantrums have reduced greatly. He is more focused. Thank you Dr. Popkin!!"
    STEVEN S.*
  • "Breathing Normal Again

    My four year old son was in one of his extreme asthmatic attacks, even using his facial muscles to breathe-this after just having spent 2 hours on a hospital inhaler. A few moments after a treatment for water chemicals we listened to his lungs again – and they were normal. Thanks Dr. Popkin!"
  • "Maureen is 16 years of age. She was born microcephalic. Later she was diagnosed as autistic,attention deficit and hyperactive. She also has a compulsive behavioral problem. A few weeks ago Maureen began NAET. She had 6 basic treatments so far. He behavioral problems and temper tantrums have reduced greatly. The tantrums have been reduced from 4 per day to 2 per week. Her speech is clearer and she is more focused. Thank you Dr. Popkin"