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wellness_care.pngThe Health Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

If you’ve been recommended a Plantation chiropractor, you might be wondering why you would visit when billions of dollars has been invested into the latest medicines to heal all health conditions. In truth, this would be a good question but we’re sure you would change your mind after a little research so we’re glad you’re here today. By the end of this guide, you should have a full appreciation of the health benefits chiropractic care offers.

What Is Chiropractic Care? - Before we head into the many benefits, we should first explain the term itself because some people are still confused as to what chiropractors do and this is part of the reason why people dismiss the topic so quickly. Using manipulation and applying pressure to your joints, chiropractic care is treatment that looks to improve the overall health of your body. By realigning your internal structure, specialists believe this can alleviate pain and any aches you’re experiencing.

As we’ll see in this guide, this level of manipulation will allow the blood to flow to the affected area which can then encourage healing and full mobility in the long-term. In addition to the so-called ‘adjustments’, chiropractors in Plantation will also encourage you to adjust your lifestyle so you’re in the best position to stay healthy both now and heading into the future.

Now we have the basics covered, what health benefits does the treatment offer?

Top Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Neck and Lower Back Pain - First and foremost, chiropractors will work extensively with the spine and with the neck so these will be the main areas of attention. Just recently, we saw a study suggest a ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Very Satisfied’ response from 96% of patients with neck pain. Furthermore, 98% said they would return to a chiropractor if the issue ever returned in the future and these are some very positive numbers.

In addition to this, we also know that chiropractic care is seen as the more effective solution for neck pain than medication so this is another bonus. When patients choose a chiropractor in Plantation to deal with neck pain, they aren't just taking medication to alleviate the symptoms. Instead, they’re working on the cause of the pain and this is one of the reasons why chiropractic care continues to increase in popularity.

By applying pressure in all the key areas and by manipulating the spine to realign the structure within your body, the pressure should be removed from your neck and this should allow you to go through a day without feeling any pain. Sure, it might take a number of weeks but this drug-free solution is said to be the quickest method of dealing with neck pain and the same can also be said with lower back pain.

Often, lower back pain will come from poor posture and sitting in an office chair all day so chiropractors will look to reverse the effects of this with spinal manipulation. At the same time, they’ll recommend regular exercise and a healthy diet to bring you back to a healthy equilibrium. If we may point you in the direction of another study, one in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that chiropractic care is more successful in dealing with lower back pain in the first month compared to treatment from a family physician. After one month, 56% of chiropractic patients noted an improvement compared to just 13%.

Sciatica - If we look at all the medical treatments and interventions for back pain, there are few that can actually compete with chiropractic care. With treating sciatica, a clinical trial recently published results in The European Spine Journal and showed that chiropractic care has a 72% success rate. If we look at corticosteroid injections and physical therapy, which have 50% and 20% success rates respectively, there’s no competition as to which is more effective.

Furthermore, there has been research to suggest a much shorter time experiencing the injury once chiropractic adjustments begin. With active manipulations, the days on which moderate to severe back pain was experienced also reduced. Therefore, those who see a Plantation chiropractor regularly have a better time with sciatica than those who don’t. Considering sciatica can really impact on your lifestyle and enjoyment of basic tasks, this is fantastic news.

As we know, chiropractic treatment doesn’t require any medication or drugs which means patients don’t have to worry about side effects. With medication, side effects will always play a role because there’s a trade-off within the body. In order to fix one thing, it puts another system at risk but this trade-off doesn’t exist with chiropractic care.

Migraines and Headaches - Although this may come as a surprise, headaches and migraines are actually the second most treated medical condition with chiropractic adjustment; only back pain sits above them. To this date, there has been dozens of studies regarding the role of a chiropractor when attempting to remove headaches and migraines and this shows the correlation between the two.

In one group trial, over one in five actually saw their attacks fall by 90% while nearly 50% said there was a significant reduction in pain intensity whenever a headache or migraine did come. Therefore, even though it isn't successful for everybody, it shows the power chiropractic care can have with this issue. Once again, we can only compare this to other treatments and the majority include some form of medication or drug. As we know, these have side effects both now and long into the future which isn't ideal.

How does it work? With manipulation in the back and neck, all unnecessary tension can be relieved and the blood can flow more efficiently to and from the heart and all other areas of the body. Although every sufferer of headaches and migraines is different in how they’re affected, the relief should reduce the pressure on muscles and this should lessen the effects of some headaches while completely removing others.

Blood Pressure - In an experiment around ten years ago, a group of 50 people with the early signs of high blood pressure were split into two; one would undergo chiropractic treatment while the other were given a ‘fake’ chiropractic care program (as a placebo). After more than eight weeks, it was revealed that the 25 that underwent the actual care had significantly lower blood pressure to the other group of 25. Since patients didn't know how the correct technique felt, they didn't know which group they were in until after the experiment had finished.

By improving the blood flow within the body and promoting overall health with lifestyle changes as well as the chiropractic treatment, blood pressure is reduced and this is important considering we’re at a time where millions are affected by high blood pressure every year.

Surgery Prevention - Although it seems strange to include this on the list, we all know how dangerous surgery can be. Of course, times have moved on in recent years which has made surgery safer but it still puts the body through large amounts of stress when it simply isn't necessary in a number of cases.

For people with back and neck pain, recent figures suggest more are now willing to try chiropractic in Plantation before going under the knife. For a while, the immediate reaction was to have surgery regardless of what was wrong but now opinions are changing. Since surgery causes scarring and prevents you from working for some time, chiropractic care is much better for your long-term health.

Athletic Performance - Joe Montana, Michael Phelps, Jerry Rice; three huge sporting names from the past who performed at the top level of their sport and to a high pedigree…but they all had one thing in common throughout their career. Yes, they all visited chiropractors regularly. In fact, half of all NFL teams now have a chiropractor as part of the medical team which allows players access to adjustments and exercises whenever necessary. By easing pain, improving mobility, and starting a journey towards overall well-being, chiropractic is beneficial for athletic performance. Rather than aching on a daily basis, the treatment should help you feel light on your feet and ready for action. In addition to improving physical performance, chiropractic can reduce recovery times and also:

  • Enhance pulmonary function
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce inflammatory cytokines
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Decrease oxidation and mental stress
  • Boost immune system

Scoliosis - When coupled with muscular rehabilitation, there’s now overwhelming evidence that chiropractic can stop scoliosis and prevent it from progressing any further. In recent years, Clear Institute, along with many other nonprofits, have started on a journey that will end in a high-quality chiropractic system for everybody suffering with scoliosis.

At Clear Institute, the experts have discovered that scoliosis can be managed without digging into dangerous territory which normally includes surgery or restrictive braces. If you have scoliosis, scientists believe chiropractic help can reduce curvatures by up to 30% so it’s definitely worth more research or a conversation with your doctor.

Frozen Shoulder - As we know, chiropractors in Plantation will help with the back but they also work with all the main joints in the body including the shoulders. If you’re experiencing frozen shoulder, for example, the manipulation and pressure will target the joint as well as the surrounding muscles, tissues, and bones. Since we’ve been proving our information with studies today, why deviate from this now?

With 50 patients undergoing chiropractic care after experiencing frozen shoulder for some time, 16 people were healed completely and only one saw an improvement of below 50%. As well as using scientific techniques to measure the results, they also simply asked patients to give the pain a rating from 0 to 10. Before, the average fell at 9 with the range coming between 7 and 10. After weeks of chiropractic treatment, the 50 people came together again and the average pain dropped to 2.


As you can see, there are some superb health benefits to choosing Plantation chiropractors and the ability to avoid surgery and drugs is always a big talking point. Using a natural solution only, you don’t have to worry about side effects and, depending on the extent of the injury, you can even continue working while being treated.

Furthermore, we’ve been focusing on injuries and how you can have them resolved but chiropractors in Plantation can also help with improving overall well-being even if no injuries are present. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic can help you to boost energy levels and increase overall mobility without needing an injury first.

If you need help or have some questions regarding chiropractic care, please feel free to get in contact today; we would love to hear from you!

* Results may vary from person to person

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