Neck Pain Causes and Chiropractic Diagnosis and Treatment

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Are you feeling pains in your neck? You need to understand some of the causes of those pains, their impact, and the treatment options available for you. Neck pains can be experienced in different ways. They can be mild or severe, burning or numbing, and usually occurs in your neck and felt around your hand. Symptoms of neck pains vary depending on the cause.  

Some common causes of neck pain:

Everyday Life:  Going through the hustles and bustles of everyday life always take a toll on your body. This is something that is common with everyone. Emotional tension and stress can tighten and contract muscles, resulting in stiffness and pains. Again, you can sleep in a wrong position and wake up with a mild or severe crick in your neck. Sitting too long a time at your desk or bending and staring too long at your computer, can also cause stiffness and give you neck pains.       

Furthermore, your style of living could also be responsible for your neck pain. Obesity, poor posture and weak abdominal muscles sometimes cause disruption and imbalance in the spine. This causes your neck to bend uncomfortably to compensate for your spinal imbalance.  

Even reasonable and healthy activities can cause neck strains and sprains, which are capable of leading to pains. Activities like tennis, gardening, golf and even friendly game of touch football, are all capable of hurting your neck.     

Growing Older

 Disorders that result from aging are known for negatively impacting cervical spine. Disorders like spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative disc diseases can cause severe neck problems.

Degenerative disc disease (DDD)

This can cause less hydration of the intervertebral disc, leading to loss of elasticity, flexibility, while limiting their shock-absorbing abilities.  This will cause you to develop herniated or bulging disc over time. The presence of herniated or bulging disc can cause disc material to press into nerve roots, leading to severe neck pain that can run through the arm, tingling and causing numbness.


This is one of the most common joint disorders responsible for the progressive deterioration of the cartilage. The absence of cartilage causes your bone to rub together. Your body reacts by creating bone spurs known as osteophytes, which is regarded as a self-protection step. But the bone spurs can also press against your nerves to cause acute neck pain.

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis is responsible for narrowing the nerve passageways existing between the vertebrae, which is capable of compressing and trapping the spinal cord or spinal nerve roots. Another thing that stenosis can cause is the neck, arm and shoulder pain, including numbness each time these nerves are not able to function correctly.

 Accidents and Injury

Remember whiplash effects? A sudden forced and jolting movement of the neck or head in any direction coupled with the resulting rebound of the neck or head in the opposite direction is called whiplash. An unexpected “whipping” motion leads to injury to the supporting and surrounding tissues of your head and neck. Muscles react by contracting and tightening, creating fatigue in muscles that cause stiffness and pain. Extreme whiplash situation can seriously affect the intervertebral discs, nerve roots, ligaments, joints, and muscles. The most common causes of whiplash are car accidents. Have you had a head injury? It is most likely that your neck has been severely impacted, too, although you might not instantly feel it. It is highly necessary to go for a medical checkup immediately.

Other Forms of Disorders

An extended pain situation or a reduction in the function of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, or muscles may be symptoms of something more severe and potentially devastating to your health. If you are feeling such symptoms, get to your doctor immediately because, sometimes, such pains and feelings may be the consequences of spinal compression, spinal cord injury, spinal fracture or tumor, or other forms of the disorder.    

How Your Plantation Chiropractor Takes Care of Neck Pain

The term “Chiropractic care” denotes a treatment option that requires no surgical operation, and which may be helpful in reducing your neck pain and other related symptoms. There are different types of cervical conditions that are handled by Plantation doctors of chiropractic (DC). Some of them are listed below.  

Injuries to the cervical intervertebral disc that don’t require surgery

•    Injuries from a cervical sprain

•    Sprain in facet joint

•    Joint syndrome degeneration of the neck, such as facet joints

•    Facet joint sprain

•    Whiplash

A Plantation Chiropractor Process of Diagnosis and Preparing for Neck Pain Treatment

When you visit your Plantation chiropractor, you will most likely get the entire length of your spine evaluated, including other regions of your back such as the lumbar (low back), the thoracic (mid back) and the cervical areas. Such overreaching evaluation is necessary because the areas as mentioned above might be affected as well. It isn’t just the spine that chiropractors treat, but the “entire person,” far beyond the current symptoms. Another thing you should expect from your Plantation chiropractor is advice on stress management, nutrition, and how to safely pursue your lifestyle goals, plus the treatment for your neck discomfort.

Your chiropractor will carry out a thorough examination that enables him to correctly diagnose the specific cause of your neck pain before deciding on which approach to resolving the pain.  

Your chiropractor will ascertain and determine any areas of restriction in movement and will examine the way you walk, your spinal cord alignment and your overall posture. These things will enable your chiropractor to study and understand your body chemistry and whole mechanism carefully. 

Apart from the normal physical exam, your Plantation chiropractor will want to know everything about your previous medical history. In that case, the chiropractor may order imaging tests such as MRI or X-ray. These will enable your chiropractor to have a comprehensive diagnosis of your neck pain.   

Each and every one of these steps involved in the chiropractic diagnostic process will enable your chiropractor to have vital information about your neck condition. Thus, he or she would be able to develop a customized treatment plan for you.

Being the expert that he/she is, your chiropractor will effectively rule out any neck condition that demands surgery—but, believing that your neck injury could be better with recourse to surgery, you would be recommended to have an appointment with a spine doctor. 

Neck Pain Treatments Used By Your Plantation Chiropractor

Your chiropractor may employ some unique neck pain treatments like a combination of manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and other highly active techniques as part of your neck injury treatment plan.

Listed below are some of the result oriented spinal manipulation techniques that your chiropractor may employ to treat your neck pain:

Superb Flexion distraction mode

This treatment technique involves hands-on, gentle spinal touches that carry a pumping action impacting on the intervertebral disc as against direct force. 

Manipulation based on Instrument-assistance

This technique makes use of an instrument that is hand-held, allowing the chiropractor to exert force without having to thrust into the spine. 

Particular spinal manipulation

This type of spinal manipulation fosters joint movement through the use of a cooling thrusting process. Manual therapies are also used by your chiropractor under this technique to treat your neck pain.

Instrument-aided soft tissue therapy

Under this technique muscles, tension is diagnosed and treated using specialized instruments.

Resistance technique and Manual joint stretching

Highly effective in reducing neck discomfort and other forms of neck symptom.

Therapeutic massage

It is beneficial for relaxing muscles that are tensed.

Trigger point therapy

It is useful in relieving painful point and tight areas in muscles. Neck pain symptoms can also be alleviated by using other therapies.

Inferential electrical stimulation

This technique makes use of mild electrical current to charge up neck muscles.  


Ultrasounds are highly reliable in sending waves of sound into the tissues of your muscles to release pains and stiffness in your neck.

Therapeutic exercises

An exercise of this nature may sometimes be recommended. They assist in preventing neck pain from making further progress while improving the range of motion within your neck.

All of the treatments as mentioned above are potential treatment patterns your chiropractic may adopt in treating your neck condition. Typically, your treatment plan will largely depend on the nature of your diagnosis. It will be nice if your chiropractic explain to you the treatment options available to you and what will happen when adopted. 

Alternative result-oriented treatment for neck pain:

Yoga, Massage, Herbal Remedy and Acupuncture

In the course of planning your neck pain treatment, your neck doctor may offer some suggestions based on alternative treatments like acupuncture. There are reports from many patients testifying of how helpful these alternative solutions have been to them.   

Nevertheless, here is a piece of advice: Please, make sure you contact and discuss with your doctor before venturing into any form of alternative treatment. These are not 100% safe solutions, though there may be some form of interaction between (for instance,) a particular herb you are looking forward to applying and a medication that you are already using. In the light of these facts, (including making your doctor aware of all that you are doing,) make sure you inform your doctor and never keep him/her in the dark when trying to make use of alternative treatments.

Acupuncture Functionality:

People who practice acupuncture believe that the human body contains a source of energy known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’.  Such practitioners believe that blockage of your Chi can cause you to get physically ill. The work of acupuncture is to restore the energetic and healthy flow of Chi—a process that completely differs from Western concept of scientific treatments. That said, it doesn’t get it better or make it worse; the thing is that it makes a difference.

And What Options Are Open For You Today!

Herbal Remedies: Examples of reliable herbal solutions some neck pain users have found helpful includes:

Devil’s Claw: It emanates from the Southern parts of Africa—a place that has seen it used for many centuries. It is used in the treatment of fever, gastrointestinal problems, and arthritis. Presently, it is widely used to tackle inflammation and pain-causing conditions like cervical osteoarthritis.

White Willow Bark: This is the herb that gave birth to the emergence of aspirin in Europe as a whole. Aspirin has the potentials of upsetting the stomach, and if you cannot use the synthetic version, then use the white willow bark. It is instrumental in pain and inflammatory causing conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Capsaicin Cream:  If you are looking for what makes Chili peppers hot, this is it. It has the potential to provide you with temporary reduction in neck pain, meaning you consistently be re-applying it always. The cream functions well for neck pain causing symptoms like osteoarthritis and muscleman pains which cause neck pain.    

Massage: Most times, the neck pain people experience is caused by overuse, misuse, and stress of the body. For instance, when you sit with your body hunched over the computer, staying in that position for too long can cause serious neck problems. And as you continue with that habit while striving to meet clients or customers’ deadlines, your neck will increasingly get worse regarding pains and discomfort. Resorting to regular massaging will go a long way in releasing the tension and relive all muscles inflammation and pain.   

Pilates and Yoga:  Doing these exercises can enable you to develop and accelerate your core strength while improving your posture and balance. It also helps in reducing stress, which in turn, relieve neck pains.

With all of these alternative treatments options, finding neck pain relief has become even much easier. Focus on the ones that especially relieve tension or stress--yoga or massage—especially if your neck pain has to do with tight muscles.

A reminder: Take note that all of the treatments mentioned here may need to be applied in line with other neck pain treatments to review what the pain is all about, the condition of the spine and such other cases of symptoms. 

Tips for Preventing neck pain

Taking good care of your body and practicing healthy habits. Here are 9 tips you can apply to prevent neck pain before it develops.

Get your stress and tension reduced:

One cause of neck pain is tense muscles in your shoulder and the neck. You have to look for ways to reduce your stress level. Engage in talking with someone, take a stroll, or journaling, etc.

Stand and sit conveniently:

Hunching over your desk is one example of poor posture, which is a primary cause of neck pain. Be conscious if you sit or stand every day at the workplace or home.

Get regular exercise for your neck and body:

Exercise like aerobic workouts is particularly useful in keeping your body and neck in good shape. Try to hit 35 minutes cardio workout for at least five times in a week.

Get and manage a healthy weight: 

Most of the weight of your body is carried by your spine. Therefore, try to maintain an ideal weight that won’t over-strain your spine and in turn, cause you neck pains. 

Eat excellent & healthy food:  

Good food is highly essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight.

Stop smoking:  

Another "life health" tip - but smoking can affect your bones and muscles in your cervical spine.

Be careful when lifting bulky items: 

 Rushing when lifting bulky objects can damage your spine and injure your neck.

Use your seat belt:  

Remember whiplash? It can happen when you least expect it. So, always put on your seat belt while driving to prevent whiplash.

Gear up during sporting activities:

Are you playing football, baseball, rugby? Get into the right sports equipment because such sports can quickly result in serious injury to spinal cord or neck.


When it comes to taking care of your neck, there should be no ‘buts.’ Your wellness and overall health of your neck are of utmost importance. To get the best from it, you have to make the necessary changes by trying to implement some of the listed tips and suggestions in this article.

Nevertheless, always bear in mind that compromise is needed and is paramount to committing to even bigger changes like quitting heavy drinking, smoking, as well as losing weight—the hard but tripartite balance in living a life free from pains.  

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