What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

The Art of Chiropractic Care: What Conditions Are Treated?

At Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, we often get the question of what services are included and what medical conditions can be treated. Ultimately, the foundation of chiropractic care comes from addressing issues within joints and there’s a particular focus on the spine. Considering chiropractors can help you to fix joint problems while also improving overall posture, you should see an improvement in wellbeing and the nervous system as treatment progresses.

At the same time, Dr Popkin will also lead you to an improvement in bodily function, activity, nutrition, and other parts of your lifestyle. Below, you can see the main areas of concern!

Back Issues

According to recent figures, over one-third of all those who visit a chiropractic facility have an issue with their back. In total, this means that over seven and a half million people seek help for general discomfort, localized pain, postural problems, or even the chronic musculoskeletal condition known as fibromyalgia. When you first visit our facility, the process will start with an examination so the doctor can assess the overall condition of your back. From here, we can create a plan of action which could include;

Adjustments - Here, a special device will be used to apply pressure to the vertebrae and realign them to their natural position.

Mobilization Therapy - In order to improve overall mobility and comfort, this solution acts for the short- and long-term by shifting and extending the muscles and joints.

Ultrasound Therapy - By using ultrasonic waves, the doctor will reduce swelling and give your joints more freedom moving forward.

Traction Table Treatment - With high-quality equipment, tightness can be reduced by massaging the lower, middle, and upper regions of your back; in turn, this will release the muscles.

Diathermy - In an attempt to reduce the symptoms, the doctor will try to release joint and muscle tension by applying electromagnetic heat.

Cold Laser Treatment - Alternatively, a cold treatment might be used and this requires lower energy level waves to be sent through the tissue and ultimately encourage cell repair and regeneration to reduce the symptoms being experienced.

Hydrotherapy - With the help of moist compressors or pools, the joints will relax and the pain in the back should reduce.

TENS - With electrodes on the skin, energy passes through to destroy the transmission of pain signals; this simultaneously encourages healing while reducing inflammation.

Changes to Lifestyle - While choosing from the treatments above, the doctor will also recommend more exercise, better furniture at home and at work (if necessary), and supplements to ease pain.


Today, there are millions of Americans suffering with arthritis which, in its most simple form, means a swelling within the joints. As the inflammation occurs, aching will join along with a limited range of motion. At this point, we should note there are different types of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis comes from an immune system disorder; elsewhere, osteoarthritis comes from tissue degeneration caused by vitamin deficiencies, aging, or hormonal problems. With these two types of arthritis, mobility can be improved with chiropractic care so Dr Popkin might advise;

Ultrasound Treatment - This can reduce tightness and stiffness which are both common with arthritis.

Trigger Point Therapy - Although only a temporary solution, chiropractic devices can be used or a simple massage can adjust arthritic joints.

Joint Manipulation Exercises - In order to reduce inflammation and increase mobility, this treatment acts to stretch the tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy - With the same wavelengths of light we saw previously, swelling can reduce.

Orthopedic Devices - These days, the market contains braces, pillows, and other specially-designed items to aid simple daily activities whether it’s walk, sitting, or standing.

Changes to Lifestyle - Finally, changes to your lifestyle leads to sustainable results including supplements and vitamins such as nettle leaf, turmeric, omega-3 fatty acids, and ginger.

Neck Pain

Within the body, the neck plays a pivotal role but its tenderness can cause problems. With seven small vertebrae, chiropractors will refer to this part of the body as the ‘cervical spine’. Unfortunately, tightness, damage, and aching can all be caused by abnormal posture, staying in a fixed position for too long, or just old age. To restore the neck and spine to optimal health, chiropractors can make adjustments and this is something available at Quantum Medical and Wellness Center.

Trigger Point Therapy - After finding and modifying trigger points within the neck tissue, this may relieve neck pain or aching.

Cervical Manipulation and Adjustment - To achieve this, there are actually many different solutions and cervical mobilization is among the most popular; the doctor will massage the neck to improve the range of motion in the area. With cervical manual traction, the neck muscles will be stretched back and forth as you lie down.

Although these are the main two options, a cervical drop will see you lie on your side. As the top section of the table drops suddenly, the cervical spine releases without causing damage. Depending on your health and the plan we create for you, we may include one or a combination of these techniques to improve neck pain.

Ultrasound Therapy - By sending ultrasonic waves through the joints and muscles in the neck, the whole region should loosen somewhat.

Electrical Stimulation - With low-frequency electrical energy passing through the joints in the neck, tightness should disappear and inflammation should reduce.

Physical Therapy Exercises - If you work in an office or somewhere where you don’t really move for many hours of the day, the doctor will probably recommend physical exercises and stretches to release the neck.

Soft Tissue Massage - Depending on the circumstances, a massage targeting the soft tissues could relieve tension temporarily or perhaps even permanently.

Changes in Lifestyle - As the final solution, the doctor will also recommend changes to your lifestyle just as we’ve seen throughout. Whether this comes in the form of orthopedic devices, a change in your diet, or a combination of the two.


Of all the headaches we experience, around 75% are tension headaches (also known as stress headaches). Over the course of the day, the dull ache will build around the temples and some experience it behind the eyes too. Depending on how bad it gets, the discomfort can spread to the lower jaw and to the top of the head. Often, the cause is actually tightness in the neck and upper back because it’s all connected. If you add in poor posture or a job where you’re holding the back in a fixed position, this makes the issue worse and leads to more headaches.

After visiting Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, we’re likely to suggest work with the trigger points and this includes those within the Splenius, Suboccipitals, Sternocleidomastoid, and Trapezius. Thanks to science, we’ve been able to learn the connection between certain trigger points and aches/pains. For example, jaw sorness is created by trigger points in the Trapezius.

Once the issue has been diagnosed, the aim will be to reduce inflammation, realign the muscles, and loosen the tissue as much as possible. By adjusting the muscles to their correct position, tension can be relieved with a little pressure on the trigger points. Furthermore, nutritional advice will be given (such as the avoidance of MSG and sodium nitrate) alongside posture advice for work and home. If necessary, you may also be recommended tools to aid your progress.

With Dr Popkin, you have a passionate professional who creates a unique treatment plan so you have the best chance of recovering and moving forward with your life without worrying about headaches constantly.

Traumatic Injuries

After experiencing a traumatic injury, chiropractors can help the rehabilitation process with gentle therapy. In the past, we’ve helped after slip and fall accidents, bicycle accidents, incidents involving a vehicle, pedestrian accidents, and traumatic brain injuries. If your injury was a result of your job, workers’ compensation could actually help to pay for your treatment.

In truth, chiropractors can help with all sorts of injuries from mild concussion or whiplash right up to more severe disabilities. As you would expect, we would never claim to replace emergency medical care or required surgery but we can assist with the recovery and placing your body in a position where a healthy future is possible.

After traumatic incidents, there are common issues that arise including limited range of motion, discomfort in the joints and muscles, and structural misalignment and this is where chiropractic care comes to the fore. With numerous nerves being found in the spinal column, we’ll also help you work towards a positive posture. If required, we may suggest ultrasound therapy, TENS, massage, manipulation, adjustment, exercises, and trigger point therapy.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

As you know, chiropractors can adjust alignment and joints so the therapy can also be used to correct musculoskeletal conditions. Over the years, we’ve helped with several problems including stroke, strains, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, frozen joints, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, ligament damage, dislocation, myelopathy, whiplash, herniated discs, scurvy, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), pulls in the ligaments or muscles, ruptured discs/tendons, scoliosis, medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), shin splints, osteoarthritis, cumulative injury, and chronic discomfort.

As you work with Dr Popkin, x-rays can be taken to diagnose disorders in addition to an assessment of the tissues. Once we know exactly what needs correcting, we can create a personalized treatment plan and you can start the journey towards a happier and healthier self.

Non-Musculoskeletal Conditions

Finally, we should also dispel the myth that chiropractic care is only useful with musculoskeletal conditions. With the holistic approach that chiropractors take, the change in lifestyle will assist those with non-musculoskeletal conditions and this includes the relaxation, nutrition, exercise, and more.

If we look towards the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, one report recently looked into chiropractic patients in Sweden. In total, around one-quarter of patients who were being treated for musculoskeletal conditions actually experienced non-musculoskeletal benefits simultaneously. Over time, this led to a number of advantages including improvements in digestive and respiratory function. In the same study, there were also improvements in circulation and vision too.

Additionally, a 2007 article reported on the effect of chiropractic care for those with vertigo, asthma, otitis media, infantile colic, and pneumonia. In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, the benefits were clear to see and they advised talking to your practitioner for more information (this is where we come in!).

Quantum Medical and Wellness Center

If you have any questions or would like some more information, we would love to hear from you. With Dr Popkin and the fantastic team, we can create a personalized treatment plan and help with a whole manner of health conditions!

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