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A screech of tires, a loud bang – you’ve been in a car accident, and suddenly your world is thrown into chaos.

When the dust settles, and your vehicle is in the shop or sitting in a scrapyard and your insurance company is dealing with the financial damage, you are at home in pain and unable to continue with life as it was before.

You know that you’re lucky – plenty of people never come home from their crash, especially here in Florida, which has some of the deadliest highways in the whole of the United States. However, while being grateful for being alive and (mostly) intact may help you get over the financial damage the crash has caused in your life, it won’t help you get over the physical.

Often, the accident wasn’t your fault, but even if it was you are human and you deserve to be pain-free and living your normal life again as soon as possible.

Once all the biggest injuries have been repaired or avoided and you’re at home with the advice to relax and rest, you’re left with soft tissue injuries and alignment issues which can be just as debilitating as broken bones.

Car accident injuries often look alike; the body has been put through trauma it wouldn’t experience in any other area of your life – muscles, tendons, and ligaments have been pushed to the limit, and these kinds of injuries often need more help than just rest. To avoid long-lasting effects, you need an experienced car accident chiropractor to ensure you have the very best recovery. 

If you’ve had a car accident and live in the Plantation, Florida area, you need an experienced car accident chiropractor to guide your recovery and ensure you have the fastest and most successful recovery possible.

So what kinds of symptoms and injuries should you be looking out for after you’ve had a car accident that an experienced car accident injury chiropractor can help with?


After a car accident, one thing is clear: you’re in pain. If the car accident was relatively small, you may not have had to go to the hospital at all, or you may have been sent home with general advice on what to do if symptoms get worse. But what can you do about your symptoms if the medical doctors have given you the all clear to recover at home?

Most of the symptoms you are experiencing are signs of soft tissue injuries that your car accident chiropractor can help relieve.

Headaches: Headaches can be a sign of numerous car accident injuries, from whiplash to post-concussion syndrome. If you are experiencing problems with your vision you should talk to your doctor, but if your headaches come on later in the day as your neck seizes up, it’s likely due to whiplash, and you’ll need a soft tissue professional to help ensure you heal properly.

Lower Back Pain: Lower back pain can feel like a strange symptom, since your lower back should be, in theory, immobilized by your car seat. Unfortunately, often this lower back pain is caused by your seat belt doing its job: your body has been flung into it and it has kept you in your seat. In return for not being flung through the windshield, you experience lower back pain.

Numbness or Tingling: If your spine has been knocked out of alignment you may have experienced numbness or tingling. This is due to the effect the car crash has had on your nerves and putting the body back in the correct alignment will help reduce or eliminate these symptoms. 

Stiff and Tense Muscles: If your muscles feel ‘solid’ and stiff, it’s likely that they are damaged, whether or not you are experiencing a lot of pain. This is especially common if your spine is out of alignment, and if it is you may experience stiff shoulders, a limited range of motion around your shoulder blades, soreness in your lower back and around your ribcage.


After your doctor may have described your injuries to you before leaving the hospital or you may be able to identify them independently – either way, here are just some of the injuries a Plantation car accident chiropractor can help heal properly.

Whiplash: The signature injury of car crash victims. Whiplash is the term used to describe the injury that occurs when there is sudden hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck, which results in damage to the soft tissues. Essentially, when you are in a car accident and your head is suddenly thrown in any direction, this results in whiplash.

It’s important to get professional help with your whiplash as soon as possible, as many victims have reported still feeling the effects years after the accident. Whiplash isn’t always obvious immediately after the car crash due to the adrenaline and shock you are experiencing. By the next day, you’ll likely be extremely stiff and sore, with a greatly reduced range of motion.

Herniated Discs: A car crash may cause you to have a slipped disc – this occurs when one of the soft cushions between your vertebrae “slips” out of alignment and can push on nerves. A car accident chiropractor will be able to alleviate symptoms and put your spine back into alignment so the slipped disc can heal naturally.

Sprained Muscles: Sometimes the soft tissue damage done by the car accident doesn’t cause any injury that you can call by a specific name, but instead makes it feel like you’ve been in – well, a car crash. A car crash causes significant trauma to your body, and so it needs gentle and professional care to ensure it returns to its pre-crash health and fitness as fast as possible. These are the kinds of injuries that make continuing with normal life difficult for weeks or months after the car accident, but that your medical doctor can do little about more than prescribe painkillers, which may have adverse side effects.

Why You Need an Experienced Plantation Chiropractor

While you certainly should work with your medical doctor after your car accident, you should also look for natural solutions to your injuries. Many doctors will prescribe pain medications that will go a long way to cover the problem, but it won’t solve it over the long term. A chiropractor will use hands-on care to help relieve soreness and release tension and will do this over multiple sessions to ensure you live pain-free.

Don’t wait for problems to get worse before you seek help. Spinal alignment won’t fix itself, and your muscles will only lose strength and range of motion the longer you leave it.

If you’re ready to get help from a Plantation chiropractor for your car accident pain, contact us today and make an appointment by calling (754) 370-1900

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