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With the stigma of certain mental health issues slowly being reduced, it seems as though more people are now happy to talk about their problems. Nowadays, depression and anxiety are seen as treatable health problems and, as more people speak up about their conditions, we keep learning more about how they work.

For those who visit a doctor with depression or anxiety, the most likely recommendation will be medication. However, this has three main problems; it’s expensive, there are many side effects attached, and it doesn’t actually treat the root cause of the issue. Often, therapy will be coupled with the medication and today we’re focusing on the possible natural treatments for anxiety. Instead of jumping straight to the medication because this is seen as the ‘norm’, let’s look at natural treatment for anxiety in Plantation.

What Is Anxiety?

With anxiety being such a common term these days, what’s the actual definition and what does it cover? Well, anxiety is something that affects our whole being. On a day-to-day basis, anxiety can impact how we feel but also how we behave. For sufferers, there are many words they would use including ‘tense’, ‘unpleasant’, ‘irritable’, ‘nervous’, and ‘fearful’.

What people often don’t realize is that there’s a physical and a mental aspect to the problem. In terms of the mind, sufferers tend to worry and obsess over small things that perhaps aren't important. For people with anxiety, they sometimes don’t even know why the feeling has arrived and it can make them step back from society and crawl into a shell. Ranging from mild to severe, the problem you might experience can start with the odd feeling of anxiety before progressing to a debilitating issue.

On the physical side of things, the most obvious symptoms would be an elevated heart rate for no real reason. When severe anxiety is experienced, this can lead to anxiety/panic attacks where we feel as though we just can’t get enough oxygen into the lungs. Elsewhere, symptoms could also include a constant feeling of breathlessness, muscular tension, trembling, and excessive sweating.

At this point, we should note that all of us experience anxiety in one form or another. When we’re sitting in the waiting room just about to be called into a job interview, our muscles tense, we sweat and tremble, we might feel as though the air is being sucked from the room, and our heart rate will fluctuate. However, after the job interview is over, most people will go back to normal and feel comfortable once again.

With anxiety, there’s not always a reason for the anxiety and it’s something that moves around with the sufferer no matter where they go. As soon as it becomes a common part of life, this is where treatment is required because it’s having an impact on a day-to-day basis.

Causes of Anxiety

Before we look into anxiety treatment Plantation chiropractors, we should first discuss the causes of anxiety because it makes for an interesting topic. From the outset, it’s quite easy to see that no two cases of anxiety are ever the same. Although there’s a common ground of stress, anxiety can be caused by certain life events, thinking styles, genetics, and even evolutionary reasons. With the latter, some experts believe the heightened senses we get when we feel in danger is very much an evolutionary reaction.

When looking to assess the problem, many doctors will review the extent to which anxiety is causing a problem. As we saw earlier, some people experience mild symptoms while others have their whole lives consumed by the issue. When we couple anxiety with negative self-talk, it can be quite a dangerous combination.

Recognizing Anxiety

If you’re reading this and you haven't yet made the trip to see a medical professional, you might be wondering how you can recognize the condition. Previously, we saw a few of the physical symptoms but we didn't explain you might also experience diarrhea, churning stomach, backache, nausea, flushing, and numbness in the limbs.

For most sufferers, they suddenly realize they haven't been able to relax over the past few days. Once this piece of information is in the mind, it tends to make the issue worse and it acts as a negative spiral. Especially with the backache and heart palpitations, people often think they’re having a heart attack or stroke which brings the anxiety on even more.

Avoiding the Triggers of Anxiety

If you know the triggers that make you feel worse, you’re more than welcome to try and avoid them as best possible but this doesn’t help with the underlying issue and you’ll be hiding from anxiety for the rest of your life. Not only this, it’ll also start to affect other areas of your life and you’ll be severely restricting yourself more and more as the years go on. Although it starts with large crowds, it’ll eventually spread to shops, lectures, and even family gatherings.

If you’re currently attempting to just remove yourself from these situations, you have to realize that the relief will only ever be temporary. In addition to this, staying away from the triggers will only make you fear it even more because this is human nature. When we have a phobia of something, it’s often the avoidance that makes it worse over time.

B.E.S.T Procedure Plantation Chiropractor

At Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, our chiropractors believe there are some fantastic natural solutions to anxiety. Rather than requesting medication as soon as the problem arises, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T) is a great way to deal with the problem head-on as a solution that not only deals with the anxiety but improves overall wellness.

If you’ve never heard of this process previously, it’s a non-forceful form of chiropractic care and the main aim is to restore the body’s ability to heal itself of all problems. With B.E.S.T, it acknowledges the fact our conscious mind creates interference which then leads to an imbalance within the autonomic nervous system. Without a correction in this imbalance, our organs and important systems in the body become exhausted.

If you decide to pay us a visit, we’ll first talk about your symptoms and exactly what you’ve been experiencing over the past few months or even years. Before jumping into treatment, we first need to know exactly how long you’ve suffered so we can choose the right approach and create a personalized treatment plan. With B.E.S.T, there are two sides to the treatment;

Face Down/Physical - As a natural treatment for anxiety in Plantation, the first side will be physical. However, it isn't like other areas of chiropractic care because the contact will be light and gentle. In order to address the sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalances, light pressure will be applied to the surface of the body. Commonly, problems such as pinched nerves, muscle spasm, or chiropractic subluxation can lead to a loss of function and discomfort across the entire body so the physical B.E.S.T will be the first step to treating this.

Essentially, the aim will be to update stress patterns while also reducing the discomfort you’ve been experiencing (in terms of chronic conditions and acute pain). While in the face down position, the process will utilize pressure points along the spine, sacrum, and skull, a leg balance check, and palpating in the spinal muscles. Once the pattern has been restored by our chiropractors and the muscles are balanced once more, you should feel a relief from vertebral subluxation, spinal muscle spasm, and nerve pressure.

With some chiropractic patients, they notice the immediate relief as their body feels instantly relaxed. For others, it takes slightly longer but you can be confident the interference is being removed with each chiropractic session. Suddenly, you have a pain-free, natural treatment for the physical side of anxiety and you can enjoy an overall improvement in your health and wellness.

Face Up/Emotional - Next with our chiropractic anxiety treatment by Plantation chiropractors, we have the face up treatment and this is to deal with the emotional side of things. When we experience anxiety, the overriding memory patterns include fear, worry, guilt, judgement and a host of others. Since we’re interested in promoting overall health and wellness, we need to introduce some changes.

At first, the interference will start as a conscious thought before then turning into a pattern over time. When this is allowed to happen, the healing potential of our body is limited so emotional B.E.S.T starts by identifying the emotional pattern. From here, the interference can be removed and the body can function judging by what it’s feeling right now as opposed to past experiences.

Choosing a Favorite Chiropractor in Plantation

Since the goal of chiropractic care is to work with you to improve overall health and wellness, you’ll be involved in the process and your input will be important to adjust the treatment plan as your symptoms improve. Unlike a physical injury, the journey will fluctuate and you might find some days are worse than others but, when you choose a reputable service, at least you know the journey to a healthier version of yourself has already begun.

In between sessions, you can work on negative self-talk and removing it from your life as much as possible. Unfortunately, it seems as though negative thoughts are natural while positive thoughts need to be formed. Over time, you’re going to flip this and make positive thoughts a prominent feature in your mind. Although we aren't saying you should suppress the negative thoughts, you should certainly accept them and appreciate that they’re wrong.

When looking for a B.E.S.T procedure Plantation chiropractor, you need a professional, reliable, and qualified service. At Quantum Medical and Wellness Center, we’re lucky enough to have Dr Popkin who currently has an Elite Diplomate certification which means he’s up-to-date with the latest B.E.S.T techniques and studies. To earn this, he had to pass various written and practical examinations so you can be confident you have one of the best professional chiropractors working with you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this chiropractic natural treatment for anxiety in Plantation, please feel free to get in touch; we’d love to help!

* Results may vary from patient to patient

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  • "With Just 8 N.A.E.T. Treatments We Can See The Difference!!

    Austin is 8 years of age. He was diagnosed as attention deficit and hyperactive. A few weeks ago Austin began NAET. He had 8 basic treatments so far. He behavioral problems and temper tantrums have reduced greatly. He is more focused. Thank you Dr. Popkin!!"
    STEVEN S.*
  • "Breathing Normal Again

    My four year old son was in one of his extreme asthmatic attacks, even using his facial muscles to breathe-this after just having spent 2 hours on a hospital inhaler. A few moments after a treatment for water chemicals we listened to his lungs again – and they were normal. Thanks Dr. Popkin!"
  • "Maureen is 16 years of age. She was born microcephalic. Later she was diagnosed as autistic,attention deficit and hyperactive. She also has a compulsive behavioral problem. A few weeks ago Maureen began NAET. She had 6 basic treatments so far. He behavioral problems and temper tantrums have reduced greatly. The tantrums have been reduced from 4 per day to 2 per week. Her speech is clearer and she is more focused. Thank you Dr. Popkin"